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Emergency Food Kits

I think that a commercial/retail emergency food kit is a good idea for prepper planning. I like it because you can have a 30 day, or more, supply of food in a few moments, in a single bucket, that you can carry easily, if necessary, and that has a very long shelf life. It can be expensive, especially when you are buying for a family, but I think if you do the math as to your cost of creating the same amount of food, it may not be so onerous. Also, you can start with a modest purchase, and increase your requirements, increments.

As a caveat, you need to do your homework as to what constitutes an ADEQUATE serving. My experience with freeze dried food packets is that the amount of servings is overstated by double; i.e., if the packet specifies 4 servings, it is more likely just a tad more than two servings.

For whatever kit you may choose, try to find out the truth about serving sizes. Buyer beware when it comes to serving sizes.

I like the idea of having a 30 day supply of regular food at home, and a 30 day emergency kit that I can grab in a bugout situation.

Emergency Food Kits

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Emergency Food Kits