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In a SHTF situation, water is an essential item that is necessary for survival. Generally, we cannot survive more than three days without water; that is a very sobering fact. So it is important to plan carefully, and thoughtfully, when it comes to drinking water.

Desalination is simply the process of removing salt, from salt water. We cannot drink salt water; in fact, it wouldn’t take long to cause death.

If you are near the ocean, or other salt water, then you have a ready source of water if you know how to remove the salt to make it potable for human consumption. This really isn’t as simple as using the type of commercial water filter/straws that are used for brackish/contaminated fresh water, and it is generally more expensive than purifying fresh water.

There are different ways of removing salt from salt water, including water filters. Distilling water will also remove the salt.


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