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Emergency Water Solutions

In a SHTF situation, water is an essential item that is necessary for survival. Generally, we cannot survive more than three days without water; that is a very sobering fact. So it is important to plan carefully, and thoughtfully, when it comes to drinking water.

You need to include adequate drinkable water in any prepper planning. A general rule of thumb for water usage is about one gallon per person, per day. This allows for drinking, and cooking, etc. It is usually fairly easy to stockpile water for emergency use; however storing the water can be challenging; click here for some water storage solutions.

Emergency water that is specifically packaged for longevity, and convenience, is a viable solution for lite use; i.e., for a few days, but probably not practical for long term planning because it is expensive. Prepared water is often packaged in pouch’s, or bags, so it can be a little more practical when added to a backpack, or survival kit, etc. I would think they would be ideal for a car kit.

Emergency Water Solutions

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Emergency Water