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Inflatable Solar Still Water Purifiers

I read a true story about a fellow who found himself trying to survive in a life raft after his sail boat sank in the Atlantic.

He was alone, and it occurred in the middle of the night, while he was asleep. He woke up to a cabin full of water, but managed to get topside, and release his emergency raft complete with survival supplies.

He was well prepared. The upshot is that he drifted for 76 days, and was finally rescued when his chances of sruvival were slim.

It’s a lesson in survival, and well worth reading; the books is: Adrift, by Steven Callahn

The reason I mention it here, is in the story, our hero had packed several inflatable solar water stills. I believe that he had seven stills. When he was rescued, after 76 days, he was down to one. They had all succumbed to the elements; sun, wind, salt water, etc.

The lesson here is that you really do need to have alternative/backup methods of producing drinking water, (or for any survival equipment, for that matter).

I was curious about these inflatable solar stills; I was curious about their construction, but I never had much luck in finding any in the pre-Internet world, so I forgot about it….

Now, last week, I happened to run across some inflatable solar stills on Amazon, thinking that maybe they could be a viable alternative to purifying water. (I think if you are into boating in the ocean, this would be a must-have item on your boat).

The inflatable solar stills are kinda pricey, However, there is a fairly inexpensive kit that you can buy to fashion your own (non-inflatable solar still).

Inflatable Solar Still for Water Purification