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Moonshine and Water Distillers

Moonshine may not sound like a legitimate prepper item, but, when you consider it’s advantages, you’ll see that it can be an essential item. I don’t think you need to spend a fortune on distilling equipment because it can be a DIY project with a little internet searching, however, I’m not sure if the cost trade-off is there.

I can envision at least four advantages of having a still:

1) Distilling is a great way of purifying even the most putrid, chemical laden water, and use it for drinking, and cooking.
2) The alcohol in moonshine, itself could be used for medical sterilization.
3) Moonshine could be a great barter item.
4) Moonshine can raise morale, and make for a happier existence. (So long as it is not over used.)

Moonshine and Water Distillers