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Water Distillation to Purify Water

In a SHTF situation, water is an essential item that is necessary for survival. Generally, we cannot survive more than three days without water; that is a very sobering fact. So it is important to plan carefully, and thoughtfully, when it comes to drinking water.

One of the most important prepper skills to learn is how to make water, any water, drinkable, (assuming, of course, that there is water in your locale). Whether you are sheltering in your home, or elsewhere, or are on the move in a bugout situation, you need to plan a way to have potable water.

You need several methods of purifying water: storage, filters (household, and personal), chemicals, and distillation, etc.

Basically, it involves heating the bad water to the point where it vaporizes, and then capturing the vapor and cooling it until it again becomes water. The water is pure, and drinkable.

Water Distillation to Purify Water

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