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In a SHTF situation, water is an essential item that is necessary for survival. Generally, we cannot survive more than three days without water; that is a very sobering fact. So it is important to plan carefully, and thoughtfully, when it comes to drinking water.

You need to include adequate drinkable water in any prepper planning. A general rule of thumb for water usage is about one gallon per person, per day. This allows for drinking, and cooking, etc. It is usually fairly easy to stockpile water for emergency use; however storing the water can be challenging. The water does need to be treated, and it is a good idea to rotate/replace the water from time to time.

I assume that I will shelter in place, i.e., my home, initially, unless circumstances develop where I do have to bugout. So, the smart thing to do is have an adequate supply of water stored at my house, and also have a supply of water that can be hauled to my bugout location. I have a couple larger (100+ gallon) containers, but the bulk of my drinking water is in smaller plastic bottles, and containers. I like the concept of Water Bricks because they are sturdy, stackable, and easily transportable. If you think in terms of transportability, you will not be sorry.

Remember that if you do shelter in your house, you will need water for drinking, and food prep, and also for hygiene, including toilet flushing, etc. If you are lucky enough to live in a “wet” area, then your water issues are much different than someone like myself who lives in dry, and arid, drought country. I bought waterBobs as Christmas stocking stuffers for my extended family, and they store them near their bath tubs. It is just a huge plastic bag that fits inside a bathtub, and in an emergency, such as an earthquake, you fill it with a 100 gallons of water, and leave it sitting in the tub. Since the water is protected by the plastic bag, it stays drinkable for weeks. (In an earthquake, the water usually keeps flowing, initially, so everyone knows to start storing water, immediately, lest it be stopped later on.)

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