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Knives – Pocket Hunting Utility

Knives are an essential element in prepper planning. They have many configurations, and many uses, from pocket knives, to hunting knives, utility knives,etc. You really more than one knife; I have knives for my bugout bags, and various other kits. I have several pocket knives, and hunting knives, and I am easily persuaded to purchase more knives. I suggest buying quality knives, rather than cool looking knives, especially when it comes to pocket knives that will probably get the most use.

One of my favorite folding pocket knives is black, and has a four inch, serrated, blade. It is thin, very light weight, and very durable, has a comfortable grip, and a belt clip, and, most important, it is easy to carry in the pocket, or on my belt. The knife cost about $ 50.00, and is well worth it. I have similar, less expensive folding knives, but they just don’t travel as well as this one: Kershaw Ken Onion 1550ST

It is a good idea to touch/feel a knife before you buy; sometimes a knife just doesn’t feel right, or fit you hand, or is too heavy, etc.

Knives – Pocket Hunting Utility

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