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Bugout Vehicles

Obviously, a bugout vehicle is an expensive prepping item that is out of reach for most common folk/preppers. I think if you live in a locale that demands extra consideration when the need to bugout arises, then, by all means, add this to your preppers list. For instance, perhaps you live on a remote ranch that experiences severe weather, or blizzard conditions, etc, and would typically be dangerously trapped at home for weeks. Or, a bugout vehicle would be more suited for situations where you have move to you bugout location, and now need a bugout vehicle for every day survival. It all depends open the situation.

My bugout vehicle is my pickup truck, with a shell. I would rather have a four wheel drive, but, I’m not willing to spend the big bucks to attain that capability; I’ll stick to tire chains.

Bugout Vehicles for Preppers