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Earthbag Homes

Earthbag homes could be a good choice if your prepper planning includes a bugout place/location. This would be your go-to place when SHTF. For instance, if you happen to own an empty lot near a lake, or a potential desert cabin/getaway, an Earthbag house could be a good solution. If you are handy, and a DIYer, then you could build it yourself, over time, or you could contract to have one built.

Earthbag homes are basically built from plastic bags filled with sand. They have frames, reinforcing rods, windows, doors, rooms, etc. They are strong, and durable, and well insulated. Click here to learn more about earthbag homes by viewing our video playlist: Earthbag Tutorial Video.

I think if I wanted a DIY cabin in the desert, I would build an earthbag house. They are fairly simple and inexpensive to build, though very labor intensive. They can be fairly large, and they have good insulation qualities. They are not suitable for all locations, though, because the filler for the bags should be on a certain consistency; i.e., they do need to include sand, and clay, to be effective.

There are plenty of prepper shelter alternatives including COB homes, shipping container homes, straw-bale homes, tiny homes, recreational vehicles, etc.

Earthbag Homes as Bugout Shelters

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