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Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container homes could be a good choice if your prepper planning includes a bugout place/location. This would be your go-to place when SHTF. For instance, if you happen to own an empty lot near a lake, or a potential desert cabin/getaway, a Shipping Container house could be a good solution. If you are handy, and a DIYer, then you could design and modify it yourself, over time, or you could contract to have one built.

If you’ve ever seen pictures of ships carrying hundreds of huge metal containers loaded with trade goods, then you’ve seen the type of shipping container that is large enough to become a small house. Used containers can be bought, and modified, to become tiny shelters/houses. You can string them together in a variety of configurations to make even larger houses. Some folks dig holes, and bury them, and use them as makeshift bunkers.

It is amazing how ingenious some folks can be when it comes to building a Shipping Container house.

If I lived on a few acres of land, I think I would want a shipping container for use as a large storage shed.

There are plenty of prepper shelter alternatives including COB homes, earthbag homes, straw-bale homes, tiny homes, recreational vehicles, etc.

Shipping Container Homes as Bugout Shelters

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