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Straw-bale House

A straw-bake house could be a good choice if your prepper planning includes a bugout place/location. This would be your go-to place when SHTF. For instance, if you happen to own an empty lot in the desert a straw bale house/cabin/getaway could be a good solution. If you are handy, and a DIYer, then you could design and modify it yourself, over time, or you could contract to have one built.

Straw-bale houses are essentially houses that have framing (usually wood), with walls that are wide (up to 20″ wide) enough to fit a bale of hey. The bales essentially become the insulation for the house, and such houses are very well suited for hot, and dry climates. Straw bale homes are not very practical in wet climates where water, and humidity is detrimental to the hay.

There are plenty of prepper shelter alternatives including COB homes, earthbag homes, tiny houses, shipping containers, recreational vehicles, etc.

Straw-bale House

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