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Tiny Houses as Bugout Shelters

Tiny houses are, tiny houses. As the name implies, they are very small, but include home-like amenities, such as a kitchen, windows, doors, heating, etc. It is just packed into a small space. They are usually self-contained, like a recreational vehicle, but meant more for a permanent location. I think they are ideal for a prepper bugout location, and they can double as a family get-away in the mountains, or desert, etc. And they are very inexpensive if you don’t consider the cost of land, and improvements, and they are easy to “install”. Generally, you buy them, they are delivered to your site.

Of the type of prepper shelters, this is my favorite.

There are plenty of prepper shelter alternatives including Earthbag homes, shipping container homes, straw-bale homes, COB homes, recreational vehicles, etc.
Tiny Houses as Bugout Shelters

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