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Under Ground Survival Bunkers

Under ground bunkers are another possibility for prepper shelters. They can be as simple as a storm/tornado shelter, or, multi-million dollar under ground complexes. As with any prepper shelter, you need the right land to build one, and it does need to be designed properly. I know some folks think in terms of having a bunker in their backyard, while others think in terms having one in bugout location.

I think an ideal underground bunker would be at a bugout location, rather than your neighborhood backyard. It just seems like being underground is a great disadvantage, i.e., a trap,
if you are in a SHTF situation where you need to protect your family from large numbers of desperate folks. If it is in a remote location, you still have the issue of protecting life an property, but it is much harder to detect if it is underground, and, if designed properly, more defensible.

For instance, if you have a cabin in the mountains that is equipped as a bugout shelter, it is visible, and an easy target for looters, and squatters, and all sorts of desperate bad people. Whereas an underground would be much harder to discover, and much easier to secure, and keep the bad guys out.

Under Ground Survival Bunkers

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