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Backpacks are an important part of any survival scenario. Choose wisely before you buy. You need a bugout bag (BOB), and Every Day Carry (EDC) bag, and maybe a 72 Hour Bag, depending on your planning, and requirements. And it just seems like you need a backpack for “this”, and a backpack for “that”. Off the top of my head, I’m sure I probably have twenty different backpacks, of various sizes, and shapes.

From years of backpacking I did form some general opinions about the sizes, and shapes, and makes, of a good backpack. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a good quality backpack, but don’t go too cheap, or you’ll regret it when the seams split, and you’re trying to duct tape it back together. For larger packs, I like packs with frame and a hip belt; you can carry heavier loads, for longer distances. I liked the external aluminium frame because it also acted as a stand for the pack when it was on the ground, and it was easy to hang stuff on the frame, however, internal frames are just fine.

For smaller/medium packs, be sure that they have compartments that allow you to distribute the load; you do not want all of your stuff sinking to the bottom of the pack. Also, to me, a strap across the chest is essential; it’ll keep your shoulders and back from becoming tired, and sore. If possible, make sure that the backpack is somewhat waterproof; i.e., it should have some kind of liner that will keep the innards, dry. I have used pack covers, in a pinch, to keep them dry. And think light weight, and sturdy.

(Tip; Carry plastic trash bags to use as rain/dew covers.)

Choose wisely, but don’t go overboard when it comes to cost.


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