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Multi Tools

Multi tools are like the familiar “Swiss Army Knives”, but on steroids. These are really essential in any prepper planning; in fact, you should have several such tools because you often need more than one tool to make repairs. There are many flavors of multi tools that include a variety of handy tools, such as pliers, screw drivers, knives, files, bottle/can openers, scissors, etc.

When I hike, or especially when I am camping, I carry a multi tool on my belt. I have a variety of brand names, and a variety of sizes. I have a small one I really like that hangs on a key chain, and several that I can carry on my belt, and in my car. You should have at least one in your bugout bag, and your every-day-carry bag, as well as your main prepper kit.

Brand names, and prices can vary widely. I have some brand name multi tools that are in the $ 30.00 range, and then some no-name $ 10.00 multi tools.

Multi Tools

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