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What is paracord, and why is it important to preppers ? Paracord is a short word for parachute cord; i.e., the rope/lines used on a parachute. It consists of several strands of nylon line wrapped to form a single line that is extremely strong, elastic, and durable, though it is not recommended for climbing, or on a parachute, etc. Regular nylon cord is a useful item to have, also, but it seldom has the same strength vs size advantages of nylon cord. For instance, a Type III commercial grade 550 paracord, rated at 550 pounds of strength, is about the same diameter as a nylon cord rated at 150 pounds.

Paracord is often fashioned into bracelets, necklaces, and a variety of other personal use items such a key fob, etc, which, in a survival situation, can be unwrapped to provide a long length of line for various purposes, including fishing, netting, snare traps, etc. One foot of 550 paracord will yield 8 feet of unwrapped line.

I have a few paracord items including a bracelet, and some custom miscellaneous items fashioned by a friend. I also have paracord line in my bugout bag, and other prepper kits.

A good prepper kit should include rope; strong rope, and pound for pound, paracord is the way to go !

Paracord Products

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