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PVC Tape for Preppers

There is no no doubt that duct tape is an essential item in every Preppers kit. I’d be lost without a roll of duct tape nearby.

However, I also have become addicted to another type of tape; i.e., “PVC Tape’. I’m not sure how I came across it, but I’ve been using it for many years, and am never without a roll somewhere in the workshop.

PVC has been around for ever, and comes in all sizes and shapes and colors.

The type that I like for Preppring is about two inches thick, and, in the plumbing trade, is used for wrapping pipe joints. The PVC tape is thick, and very strong, and looks and feels like rubber, and it stretches like rubber. It is pressure sensitive tape; as soon as you touch the “sticky” side to the non-sticky side, the bond is made, and it is permanent. So you can see that you can wrap something very tight, and it will be strong, and relatively permanent. You will not be able to pry apart the tape without destroying it.

It does have narrow uses, when compared to Duct tape, but, it will do better than duct tape in many situations where you need a quick, and strong assembly. For instance, I wrapped the handles of my wheel barrow with PVC Tape to prevent splinters, about ten years ago, and the same tape still works. It could be used for knife handles, spears, clubs, etc.

It’s also good where you need some electrical insulation, such as repairing electrical cords, etc.

In this size, it’s primary use is in wrapping pipe joints. You usually find it in the plumbing department of the local hardware store. Don’t ask for PVC Tape, ask for pipe joint wrapping tape.

PVC Tape is fairly inexpensive, and, for me, a single 100 foot roll will last for years.

PVC Tape for Preppers