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Sleeping Bags

When SHTF, when it comes to sleeping, it’s hard to best a sleeping bag. There are not many alternatives short of blankets, and then you are dealing with weight, and assembly, and it’s just not practical.

My favorite sleeping bag is mummy bag rated at a -10 degrees, is synthetic fiber, long, and huge, and heavy. I’ve used it on many backpacking, and camping trips, etc. I’ve had it for 30+ years, and I may be buried in it because it has given me so many good nights sleep; I have never been cold. It was fairly expensive at the time, and was meant for camping in snowy weather. Today, you can buy a much better bag with a lower temperature rating, and much smaller, and much lighter, for a very reasonable price.

For me, the temperature rating was the most important feature that ensured a good nights sleep. The second feature was the length, and inside dimensions. Mine is extra long so I can store clothes at the bottom of the bag, and the extra length allows for more leg room. A mummy bag will provide the most warmth because it includes your head, and traps you body heat, however, some folks are not comfortable with the snugness. (The extra length does allow for some wiggle-room, which I find comfortable).

When it comes to comparing bags, try to learn how it will behave when wet; will it retain heat, even when wet, and will it dry quickly ?

Emergency sleeping bags, i.e., bivvy’s, are good to have in a bugout bag.

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