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Survival Blankets for Emergencies

Probably the ultimate survival blanket is the tried-and-true wool blanket. In my youth, they were abundant, and almost indestructible. I had one olive drab blanket that floated around various cars, and houses, for 30+ years, and had “U.S. Army” emblazoned across the center. When I was in the military, I was transferred to an impromptu base in Thailand, and I was issued a wool blanket, and a mosquito net, and I was good-to-go; LOL. The nice thing about wool is that it retains it’s insulating qualities even when it is wet.

Wool blankets are still a good item to have in a survival situation if space, and weight, are not a consideration; i.e., if you are sheltering at home, in the dead of winter, with no heat source, a wool blanket would be perfect.

But, for bugout bags, and 72 hour kits, you really need to consider off-the-shelf light weight, mylar, survival blankets, and such. They are small, and effective, though they probably wouldn’t endure long term use. Heck, for a few bucks extra, you can buy several blankets to hedge your survival; (you can get a 20 pack fur under $ 20.00).

Survival Blankets for Emergencies

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