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Survival Kits

A survival kit is simply a collection of items that will be useful in a defined emergency situations. It could be contained in backpack, and carried on your back, or in your trunk, or it could be stored in a room in your house. A Bugout Bag (BOB) is a survival kit, of sorts, as is an Every Day Carry (EDC) bag, and a 73 Hour Kit. In a SHTF situation, a survival kit could be the means for survival, and in less traumatic situations, such as temporarily trying to weather a storm, or earthquake, etc, it could sure make life easier.

Creating a survival kit is no easy task. It is not as simple as making a list, and gathering the items, and sticking them in a bag. Once you begin, it never really ends.

There is no generic, or ideal, kit; it varies widely depending your own personal circumstances, including where you live, and what kind of weather you experience, or what natural disasters are likely in your area, etc, to say nothing of the unthinkable man made disasters that can occur.

I think that a ready made survival kit is an excellent place for new preppers to BEGIN !

Survival Kits

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