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Survival Stoves Small

A small survival stove should be included in your prepper planning, especially for a bugout situation. Even if you shelter in place, you may still need a small stove for treating water, and cooking food.There are many choices available in small, light weight stoves, and a variety of fuels, and features. There are wood burning models, and fueled stoves that use kerosene, propane, alcohol, and gasoline, etc. Some liquid fuel stoves can use a variety fuels.

Most food should be cooked, and the ability to boil water to create drinking water is an important consideration. Choose wisely when considering a survival stove, especially when it comes to the type of fuel required. A propane driven stove will require carrying heavy propane tanks. A kerosene stove needs a can of kerosene, which is not light weight. I am partial to wood burning stoves that only require small pieces of wood, however, you may not have access to wood, or dry wood, depending on your location. Also, you do have to consider weather conditions, especially cold/snowy weather, and altitude, and wind, which are all factors in considering the type of stove to purchase.

When I was backpacking, we had a single stove that fit into a small bag, and operated on kerosene fuel. At the time, it was the latest, and the greatest. It worked fine at high altitudes, and in the snow, and it could be modified, easily, to use different liquid fuels, including gasoline. It was ideal, and I still have it, and include it in by emergency bugout kit.

A good bet would be to have a fuel driven stove, and a wood burning stove to conserve fuel if you are unable to get fuel. And there is a certain advantage to having two stoves handy if you have a family. There a variety of DIY instructions for building your own wood burning stoves, though, I am not sure if it is economical given the low purchase prices I see.

Also, if it fits your budget, a Biolite stove could be a viable alternative that also charge your batteries.

Survival Stoves Small

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