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Yo-Yo Fishing Reels

A yo-yo fishing reel is a simple gadget that can be used to catch fish, unattended. It’s shaped like a fishing reel, and consists of a spring-loaded spool that contains fishing line. Basically, you add a hook, and some bait, and then unwind some line, set the spring, and then attach the reel to a boat, or a dock, or a tree branch overhanging a stream, or river, etc. Then you return some time later to haul in your fish.

The spring is the secret. When a fish takes the bait, the spring is released to set the hook, and also play the fish; the fish will pull away, but, eventually will tire and be ready for dinner when you reel him in.

This may not be legal in some places, so you need to check your local laws.

This should be part of any survival kit, especially if fish are available; in fact, you should have more than one (they are often sold in multiple quantities).
Yo-Yo Fishing Reels

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