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A handheld TV could become your best communication device in a SHTF scenario. Even though there may eventually be no broadcast TV signals, in the early stages of a disaster it could provide invaluable helpful information. Radio broadcasts cannot tell the whole story; pictures, and video, do bring the reality home. I speak from personal experience; during the 1994 earthquake in California, in Northridge, we lost power for three days, and we, literally, were in the dark about what was happening in the disaster area, except, we had a battery operated TV that kept us up to date, and informed. My whole block was gathered around our little TV soaking up the news. Believe me, it makes quite a difference if you can assess the greater destruction, and know just where your circumstance fits in. If it weren’t for the TV, we would have gone without power for a much longer period because we learned that there were no other wide spread outages in our area, and our problem was a blown transformer a few block away.

Of course, now, we have smart phones, and the internet, but, if you lose power in your area, you are back in the stone age.

If you already have a portable/handheld TV, be sure that it is capable of receiving digital transmissions.

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