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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits (FAK) come in a variety of sizes, and shapes. A smaller, off the shelf kit should just be a starting point, and will need to be augmented. Obviously, a small kit would probably be suitable for a bugout bag, and, then the size should increase with the practicality of transporting such a kit. For example, a FAK for any inplace sheltering could be sizable, while one for the car would be bigger than the FAK for you bugout bag.

Once you start augmenting you own FAK, you’ll find that it can be challenging, and there is a tendency to load it to the hilt. I don’t know whether that is good, or bad, though I suppose that size, and weight permitting, the sky is the limit.

Be sure to include items that are peculiar to your personalized needs. For example, if you, or a family member have asthma, then, be sure you have plenty of the right medication. And, of course, keep an ample supply of prescription medications, and pain medications.

When I was backpacking, I always had excess prescription pain medications in my kit. With the right pain medications, someone in pain might be able to function, and help,themselves in a pinch.

Also, be sure to include tons of blood absorbing material; you do not want one bleeding event to deplete your supply of material. I include feminine hygiene pads, etc, in my FAK because of their absorption qualities, and their size.

First Aid Kits

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First Aid Kits