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Medical-Trauma Kits

A Medical Trauma Kit, is a First Aid Kit (FAK) on steroids. Rather than being a collection of ointments, bandaids, and aspirin, etc, for run of the mill mishaps, it is for more advanced procedures for serious, traumatic injuries, or maladies. For instance, a Medical Trauma Kit would probably include a variety of forceps, sutures/needles, scalpels, tweezers, scissors, plus some serious pain meds, hypodermic needles, sterile gloves, masks, etc. Obviously, it would also includes some first aid items for caring for wounds, and bleeding, and burns, etc.

Most folks can assemble a fairly descent, common sense, FAK, but a Medical Trauma Kit may necessarily be a little more difficult to assemble yourself. For instance, I know what forceps are, but I’m not too sure what sizes, kinds, and quantities would be best. Myself, I would tend to purchase a ready made kit, rather than try to assemble the same items on my own. I doubt if I could assemble a kit for less than the purchase prices I see, and I could still augment it with my own items.

Medical Trauma Kits

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