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Razor blades ? I forgot all about razor blades, and shaving, when SHTF ! I don’t want a beard; I love to be clean shaven ! And……ummmm…… I like it when my wife has smooth legs…

I never thought about actually sharpening a razor blade. I’m from an era of the Gillette Blue Blades, which were good for about one use, maybe two (really, not much more). And, on a bad day, I could have several cuts, and scrapes, on my face, with tissue stuck on them to stem the flow of blood. One of my personal favorite inventions of my lifetime was the stainless steel razor blade. I haven’t cut myself in many years.

Stainless steel blades seem to last quite awhile; for several months, at least. But, I’m going to try sharpening them from now on, and I’m definitely going to buy a five year supply of new blades, just in case…

Of course, sharp razor blades are not just for men….. ladies will love this, too !

Here is a good article on sharpening razor blades:

Click here: How to Sharpen Razor Blades for the Long Term.

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