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Surgical Kits for Preppers

In a SHTF scenario, you do have to be prepared for contingencies that are fairly simple, or mundane, in normal times, but which can cause great injury in desperate circumstances. For instance, an open wound that won’t stop bleeding, or won’t heal without sutures, or maybe a small infection can spread, and become deadly if left untreated in an environment where antibiotics are not available.

Surgical kits aren’t meant to perform surgery, per se, but are more about aiding in performing simple tasks. Most kits will include scissors, forceps, tweezers, numbing agents, sterilizing agents, etc. A surgical kit does not replace a First Aid kit, but, rather, augments the kit.

And they are fairly inexpensive, and every home should have kit handy, and as part of a bugout preparation.

Surgical Kits for Preppers