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Toilets Portable Alternatives

A fancy portable toilet probably isn’t something you would want to carry in a bugout situation, especially if space is an issue. However, you do need to give due consideration on how to handle human waste when SHTF. As a former backpacker, such concerns don’t have much importance when you are basically alone, or in a small group, and are twenty miles from the nearest flush toilet; in any group of backpackers, the group usually designates a general area, and never speak of it again.

In larger groups, as I experienced when I was in the military, in the middle of nowhere, pit toilets with six-holer plywood “outhouses” were common, but they were never absolutely hygienic. Dysentery eventually becomes common place, so simply digging a hole is not always the best idea.

In a SHTF situation, especially where a family is concerned, I think some sort of portable toilet would be a good way to preserve hygiene, and some dignity. As unpleasant as it may be, storing/burying human waste in plastic bags would be better than burying raw waste in a dirt hole.

Toilets Portable Alternatives

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