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Stories of the Great Depression

I’m only vaguely aware of the Great Depression. I know that my parents were children during the Great Depression, and that neither of them suffered as so many other’s did. My grand parents, of course, were much more affected, and were, in fact, “preppers” in their way. They didn’t take anything for granted, and they were very self-reliant.

I don’t know if we are headed for another depression, per se. I do know that, before the financial collapse of 2007, it was unthinkable. Now, everyone knows it is very possible, and it can happen at any moment. We could wake up tomorrow morning, and all the banks could be closed, and all business activity cold stop, and panic will ensue.

THAT is why myself, and millions of other folks are preparing… for the unthinkable……

These are vidoes from a playlist I created on youtube:

Books about the Great Depression