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Off-Grid Tips

Going off-grid is bascially the act of establishing some self-sufficiency by disconnecting yourself from public utilities such as electricity, water, natural gas, propane, etc. Converting your home to 100% solar power would be one way of going off-grid with electricity. If you have access to water from a well, or some other source, then you could go off-grid with your water. And maybe heating your home with wood burning fireplaces would relieve you of having to use propane, or natural gas to heat your home.

A homesteader would endeavor to go off-grid in order to attain maximum self-sustainability.

I think most folks would like to be free of most public utilities, if for nothing else, to save money. I can look around my neighborhood and see more and more solar panels generating electricity (though I don’t think these folks are independent of the electrical grid).

I think having the ability to go off-grid is important for prepper purposes, but I am not convinced whether it is practical in a non-SHTF scenario. Still, if I had a ranch, or a farm in a remote location, I would certainly want to figure a way to go as much off-grid, as possible.

Off-Grid Tips

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Off-Grid Tips