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Power Inverters

Generally, when it comes to electricity, we have two basic types: alternating current (AC), and direct current (DC). AC is what comes into our homes; in this country, it is 120 volt single phase electricity. DC electricity is created from AC electricity, or it is produced from a battery, and or a DC generator. When you plug your TV into the 120 volt outlet, it is converted to DC voltage that is much lower than AC voltage (such as 5 volts, or 12 volts, etc), and powers your TV set, or radio, or computer, etc. All batteries provide DC power.

The charger for your ipad, or cell phone chargers convert AC electricity, to DC electricity, to charge the batteries.

DC electricity can be converted back to AC electricity by using a device called a power inverter.

Many RV owners are familiar with inverters that converts their battery power to AC power.

Solar panels generate DC electricity. That DC electricity is saved when it is used to charge a battery (usually a 12 volt battery), or a set of batteries, and then an inverter is connected to the charged batteries to convert it back to A/C electricity.

Preppers would be wise to include a power inverter in their prepping plans. Cars, generally, are powered by 12 volt batteries. If you have a power inverter, you can produce AC electricity that will power other devices, such as battery chargers, etc. A have one that is plugs into receptacles in my car, and I use to charge my laptop.

Power Inverters

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Power Inverters