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Solar Charge Regulators

A Solar Charge Regulator is a bit of electronics that is built into some smaller solar chargers, and is often a separate item for larger solar arrays. The solar charge regulator basically controls the amount of charge the battery receives, and prevents over charging of the battery.

Basically, any solar system that includes batteries would need a charge regulator.

If you are endeavoring to go off-grid, or perhaps establish a homestead, that includes solar energy, then you would need to investigate solar charge regulators.

I have a small 45 watt solar array kit, for RV camping, that included a charge regulator. It is connected between the solar panels, and the battery. It provides a charge to the battery, plus it has auxiliary connections including two 12 volt lights, and a USB charger. It also includes a meter that indicates the output of the solar panels.

Solar Charge Regulators

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Solar Charge Regulators