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Solar Charger Equipped Backpacks and Portable Chargers

Even in the worst SHTF situation, it is essential that you have a way to charge your tablet, or other electronic devices. If you have been planning correctly, your data devices will have self-contained database that will aid in your survival, such as ebooks, tips, advice, videos, DIY info, food preparation, medical/medicine advice, etc, etc, can all be included in a single electronic data base.

There are many different portable solar charging devices on the market. A backpack equipped with a solar charger would be ideal for charging device while on the go, and, if you are stationary, the backpack provides a good way of positioning the solar panels for maximum exposure. Other portable charging devices would necessarily require some way of exposing the panels to the sun light.

In reality, both a portable solar charger, and a solar backpack charger, would be ideal items in any bugout kit.

Solar Backpacks for Charging
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