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Confessions Of A Prepper How To Secure Your

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Securing your home and understanding how to protect your family during a disaster are skills that everyone should possess. Having a home that is properly prepared for any disaster can be the difference between life and death. This book will teach you everything you need to know about preparing your home for a natural or man-made disaster. We will cover different scenarios and teach you how to game plan and prepare your family should a disaster occur.

This is the second book in our best-selling Confessions of a Prepper series, and we will go into detail on how you can prepare your home for any disaster. To read our best selling first book Confessions Of A Prepper: The Comprehensive Survival Guide just type Confessions Of A Prepper in your Amazon search bar.

This book will cover:

The main principals of securing your home and family;

How to create a defensive layer and tier system for your home;

Securing the perimeter of your house;

Securing the outside of your house;

Securing the inside of your house;

How to create and supply a safe room;

The supplies you need to survive;

Communications and game plan strategies;

Information about weapons and arming yourself;

Exploration protocol;

And much more.

This book is written for both beginner and advanced preppers. We will cover numerous scenarios, ranging from natural disasters to securing your house against human threats. We will equip you with numerous strategies, tips, and techniques that will dramatically increase your odds of survival. Disasters can occur at any time and being prepared can be the difference between life and death. So download the book now and make sure your home and family are properly protected. ....read more

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