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Survival Planning PrepperNations Blueprint Advice How To Book

Description:Welcome to PrepperNations Blueprint - The “How To” Guidebook to Creating PrepperNations Survival Community Groups! We are part of a vast worldwide international organization called SurvivalNations.com http://survialnations.com. This guidebook teaches you how to set up PrepperNations Community Survival Groups where neighbors band together to help each other in time of disaster/crisis. There is strength in numbers and all SurvivalNations Preppers (now over 21,000 groups worldwide) follow the company credo Give to Get! Survival planning is important and you only have to watch your evening news to witness the many disaster/crisis/calamity events occurring worldwide. The PrepperNation Blueprint teaches survival planning, food for emergency preparedness, supplies for disaster, emergency food supplies, emergency disaster supplies, disaster preparedness kits and earthquake kits plus much more. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. Don't be scared; be prepared to survive! ....read more

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