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AquaQuick SolarPRO XB2 Solar Swimming Pool Heater for

Brand: GAME
Model: 4527
Description:The SolarPRO XB2 is the perfect solution for adding solar-powered heat to your soft-sided above ground pool. Its compact size allows you to place it anywhere there is full sun and it easily attaches to any 1/2 HP or smaller existing pump and filter system including Intex. It's made to last, having been put through water pressure testing and heavy chemical loads. There is no gas or electric line to run, you can do it yourself, and even link multiple units together to gain even more heat and heat larger pools. Open earlier, stay warmer, enjoy your pool more, and close later - all with this economical product. Each Unit measures 3.25' L X 3.25' W X 3.0 H filled and includes a 90 day full replacement warranty. ....read more

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