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GAME SolarPRO XD1 Swimming Pool Solar Heater 2

Brand: GAME
Model: 2 x 4575K + 4555
Description:Add weeks to the swimming season with free, eco-friendly energy from the sun heating the pool water. The Aquaquik Pool Heater by Game SolarPro is ideal for use with popular above-ground and most in ground pools. Heat pool water the green way using solar energy and get the most out of this pool season. This special offer also includes a Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer to monitor the temperature of your pool! The waterproof transmitter simply floats in your swimming pool while the large display screen of the receiver displays the current water temperature. This convenient package offer includes two heating coils and a bypass kit. Great for larger pools, this set of two heaters quickly warms your water to an enjoyable temperature! ....read more

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