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Solar Spring Ring Swimming Pool Heater Improvements

Brand: Improvements
Model: 417929
Description:Solar Spring Rings are portable and convenient; great for any size pool. These solar pool heaters have a decorative design to enhance your pool area. The Solar Spring Rings also help reduce evaporation. Solar Spring Ring Swimming Pool Heater captures the heat of the sun to warm your pool naturally.Heat your in-ground or above-ground pool without electricity! These ingenious solar mats are safe, efficient and easy to use. Simply inflate the air chamber of each Solar Spring Ring and float it in your pool. The thermal material absorbs the sun's energy to help raise water temperature while helping to reduce evaporation. Recommended coverage is 70%-80% of your pool's surface; each Solar Spring Ring is 70L x 40W. (For a 12' x 24' pool you will need 12 rings.) The Solar Spring Ring is designed with twist-and-fold spring technology for easy storage. Note: There are a number of factors that affect the temperature increase your pool will achieve: location of pool, depth of pool, outside temperature, weather conditions such as rain or wind, as well as trees and their location around the pool.Buy 3 or more for $39.99 each.Benefits of the Solar Spring Ring Swimming Pool Heater: ....read more

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