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AA and AAA Solar Battery Charger Charge Your

Brand: XTG Technology
Description:The Solar AA/AAA Battery Charger and Tester by XTG Technology
The ideal All-in-One Charger.

Power up 2 pairs of AA or 1 pair of AAA batteries using the provided USB Cable or Sun Power via the solar panels.

The XTG-SLRBC features
AA/AAA battery tester that tells you if your primary or rechargeable AA/AAA battery is dead, weak, or good.
Reverse Polarity Protection: Prevents damage to the charger if the battery is improperly inserted.
Built in LED indicator

Whether your camping, traveling, or just need that extra boost of power, the Compact Lightweight Design XTG Solar Battery Charger is the solution for renewable power

AA and AAA batteries can be used to provide emergency power boost to your mobile device.
The USB output port can charge cell phones, mp3 players, and other USB powered devices using the power from the AA or AAA batteries and your device's existing USB charge cable.

NOTE: Charge fully via USB before use of solar. Solar is most useful for emergency power. Solar power will charge up to 50-60% of the internal battery providing an approximate 40%-50% charge to your device. ....read more

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