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Power Generation Handbook 2/E

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Updated throughout to cover the latest technologies and applications, Power Generation Handbook, Second Edition, focuses on the basics of power generation using gas turbine, steam, wind, solar, co-generation, and combined-cycle power plants. Other essential topics such as calculations, efficient plant design, emission limits, monitoring, and the economics of power generation are discussed in detail. A real-world case study illustrates the material presented in this authoritative resource.

Coverage includes:

  • All components and subsystems of the various types of gas turbine, steam power, co-generation, combined-cycle, wind turbine, solar power, and generator plants
  • Advantages, applications, performance, and economics of low-emission, high-efficiency power plants
  • Selection, operation, and maintenance of gas turbines, steam turbines, valves, compressors, governing systems, combustors, de-aerators, feedwater heaters, transformers, generators, wind turbines and generators, and solar power stations
  • Monitoring and control of all power station environmental emissions
  • Power station performance monitoring and performance enhancement options

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