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Live Simpler Lives, Connect With Nature And Increase Your Health And Well-being

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Have you ever dreamed of “packing it in” and moving to the country, growing your own vegetables, living a simpler and healthier life?

A more self-sufficient lifestyle isn’t a dream, even if you live in the city! You can easily incorporate backyard homesteading activities into your life, starting right now. This e-book introduces you to the guiding principles of homesteading, and explains how, even with little space, you can grow your own produce, incorporate your own small livestock and begin to reduce your dependence on mass-produced food and goods.

Learning traditional skills like food preserving, handicrafts, gardening and animal husbandry can bring you closer to your family and community too. These urban homesteading activities entertain, save money, increase your productivity and sense of wellbeing.

Learn about urban gardening, city beekeeping, backyard chickens and more in this easy to read e-book that explains the amazing benefits of incorporating backyard homesteading activities into your everyday life!

Would You Like To Know All That And Much More??

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