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GARDENING Complete Survival Guide for Sustainable and Efficient


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How can you Survive the Day while being Self Sufficient?

Learn this Complete Survival Guide for you!

It's time to learn homesteading..

Are you tired of consumerism and multinational corporations invading your pantry? Sick of buying fruit and vegetables imported from foreign countries? Starting your own urban homestead might just be the way to revitalize your food habits and bring healthiness to your home and the world!
The urban homesteading movement is part of the global re-localization movement sweeping the globe. The movement encourages the transformation of the suburban yard into a food-producing and self-sufficient edible garden. So if you’re looking to reconnect with the land, live sustainably and build community values, this eBook on urban homesteading will be worth your time.

Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn Inside..

  • Concept of Homesteading
  • Homesteading and Self-sufficiency
  • Taking First Step to Self-Reliance
  • Basic Herbalism
  • Concept of Gardening
  • Home Remedies and Natural Health
  • Home Tips and Recipes brought by Homesteading
  • Food Recipes
  • Overall Concept of Homesteading and Gardening
  • Much, much MORE!

    If you want to learn self sufficiency, this book is your perfect guide! This will bring you to the world of Homesteading and Urban gardening!

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