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Mini Farming Building A Backyard Farm And Growing


Build Your Own Self Sufficient Backyard Mini Farm

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Did you know that it is possible to grow enough food for self-sustainable living on an acre or less of land? Being able to maximize the potential of such a small space can give you the huge benefit of growing your own food, including fruits, vegetables and even grains to build healthy, fresh and delicious meals, but also greatly reduce food costs overall for you and your family. This also means that you don’t have to live far from appealing urban areas, either, essentially providing the benefits of a rural lifestyle in an urban context. Furthermore, it is even possible to raise small farm animals such as chickens, pigs, goats or rabbits to make your mini-farm complete.

This short book will provide you with:

1) The basic guidelines of building your own farm
2) Beginning with soil preparation
3) Structure and composting
4) Growing your seedlings plant placement
5) Selection as well as the potential to integrate farm animals into the sustainable cycle of your farm.

It also includes some tips on using precious natural resources, such as water, efficiently.

As climate change and sustainability measures become main topics of focus across the globe, it is imperative that the individuals also seek to reduce their carbon footprint themselves. By growing your own organic fresh produce, you reduce emissions associated with transportation of the product, improve biodiversity, especially through the reduction of pesticide use, as well as provide an example for friends, family and the community that could help to inspire others to maximize the potential of their space and utilize natural resources efficiently, including reusing and recycling waste to establish a balanced cycle for your sustainable mini-farm.

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