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Off Grid Living 35 Tips on How to


Off Grid Living (FREE Bonus Included)

35 Tips on How to Survive off The Grid, Planting & Preserving Food, Conserving Energy & Water and much more...

Off the grid living has become popular for many, but the term is confusing, and the concept is a little scary for homeowners who haven’t taken the plunge. In this handy manual, we will discuss 35 different tips and tricks for separating yourself from the grid. Everything from gardening techniques to ideas about water and power supplies will be covered, and the different suggestions are designed to fit a wide variety of lifestyles. Questions like what kind of crops are best to grow when living off the grid, to what types of gardens work best, to how to purify your own water will be examined. Also, various forms of efficient and eco-friendly power sources will be discussed.

There are so many levels of living off the grid, but that’s where this manual becomes important. In it, we talk about simple tricks you can do to save money and be more self-sufficient. Some tips are easy to do and cost little to implement, while others involve a more committed lifestyle shift. Regardless of where you want to be in terms of separating from the grid, this guide is sure to give you a great starting point. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with off the grid living, today!

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Sustainable Food
  • Water Works
  • Electricity Off The Grid
  • Heating and Cooling

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