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The Complete Guide to Survival Gardening The Emergence

Description:In a climate of economic uncertainty, social unrest, and unpredictable weather patterns, the most important issue may be how we produce our food. What happens if something disrupts our petroleum-dependent food system? What will you do? More importantly, what will you eat? The Complete Guide to Survival Gardening answers these questions with a practical approach to growing enough food to feed your family during difficult times. Inside you’ll find what you need to prepare and what to do if you didn’t. No more garden centers, no more bagged fertilizers, and no more mail-order seed catalogs? No problem. As a guide for the backyard gardener concerned with food security, or the larger grower interested in complete self-sufficiency, this guide gives you the framework to take back your family's food future. Inside you’ll find everything you need to plant, survive, and thrive. ....read more

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