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The Scrubba Travel Kit Wash Bag Travel Towel

Brand: Scrubba
Description:This kit has everything you need to wash and dry your clothes on the go, just add water and cleaning liquid. The Scrubba travelers kit includes: The Scrubba Wash Bag * Folds to pocket-size * Weighs less than 145g (5 oz) * Wash clothes for free in minutes * Perfect for traveling or washing gym gear When traveling, camping, backpacking, in dorm rooms or after a gym session simply follow these washing instructions: The Scrubba Travel Towel * Soft quick-dry microfiber fabric * Weighs ~170g (6 oz) * Extra large (64cm x 137cm, 25 x 54) * Perfect for partially drying your clothes * Large enough to be used as a beach towel while still folding to a compact size To par dry your clothes, simply follow these steps (moisture from the clothes is transferred to the quick-dry Scrubba towel): The Scrubba Travel Clothes Line * No pegs required * Extra long (unstretched length is ~1.4 metres or 55 inches) * Includes suckers and hooks * Perfect for hanging your clothing to dry anywhere ....read more

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