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Sports Knight Nose Guard/Face Shield with Extra Grip

Brand: Sports Knight
Description:FACE GUARD The Sports Knight Face Guard allows athletes to remain active by protecting and supporting injured forehead, cheek bones, and noses. The SK-023A Face Guard reduces and eliminates the comfort and vision problems of cruciform shaped face masks. The Face Guard is constructed with high impact medical grade polycarbonate and EVA foam padding. The straps around the cheek and forehead are fully adjustable and provide a secure and comfort fit for the athlete. The Face Guard is ideal for basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts, baseball, and other sports where a helmet is not required. SK-023A Face Guard set includes instructions, face shield, EVA foam padding, and an additional strap. CARE: Keep the Face Guard away from all chemicals, abrasive products, and strong detergents. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and sun. Do not alter the Polycarbonate Face Guard in any way. Easily wipes clean with a soft damp cloth or standard disinfectant wipe. One size fits most. Recommended for Ages 14+ WARNING: Sports Knight has intended to offer the best face protection available. There is always the possibility that an athlete may sustain additional facial injuries due to the nature of the sport or due to severe impact. If the nose guard incurs severe impact or is neglected or misused, the degree of face protection provided may be reduced. Consequently, the Face Guard must be replaced and failure to do so may result in additional facial injuries. Sports Knight does not claim the Face Guard to be unbreakable or eliminates the possibility of further facial injuries. Food contact (EU/FDA quality); polycarbonate; medium viscosity; easy release; good hydrolysis resistance Designed in the USA ....read more

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