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Premium Quality Silicon Gloves Excellent for BBQ Hot

Brand: KitchenStar

This Pair of Silicone Gloves is for your protection from Heat and Cold. Here are some of the features,

- Material for this silicone Gloves is FDA approved
- The manufacturer for this product adheres to the highest quality standards for silicone products.
- Durable, Hygienic, Flexible and Heat resistant
- Top rack Dishwasher Safe
- Waterproof that allows you to keep your hands dry
- No-Slip Design makes it safe to move hot pots
- The gloves cover up to your wrist for your safety
- Odorless and Hygienic that keeps you health safe
- No more oily hands, sticky fingers
- The one-size fits all set glove
- Great to use as a hot potholder
- Wear a pair to clean your house
- The silicone gloves are designed with a five fingered grip
- You can safely remove food from hot oven
- Carve hot meat or grab hot grilled veggies without getting burn
- Satisfaction guaranteed upon receipt or your Money back!

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