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GIVE The Gift of Protection This Holiday Season

Brand: Personal Defense Alarm
Model: SG340RD
Description:User: Please Become Familiar And Comfortable With How Alarm Works, So That You Can Use Effectively In Any Situation. >>> When Using A Personal Defense Alarm The Attacker Will Be Confronted With Multiple Sound Blasts, Which May Frighten And Disorientate The Attacker. More Importantly, By Activating The Alarm, You Attract The Attention Of People Around You.>>> PERSONAL DEFENSE ALARMS CAN HELP KEEP YOU SAFE WHEN OUT WALKING, GOING TO YOUR CAR OR ENTERING YOUR HOME. THESE ALARMS ARE A MUST FOR WOMEN, MEN, CHILDREN, ELDERLY AND ATHLETES.>>> BUT REMEMBER: Using Good Judgment And Common Sense Is The Best Source Of Safety. THIS IS NOT A TOY, DO NOT USE AS ONE. THIS PRODUCT HAS A LOUD DECIBEL LEVEL. DO NOT PLACED NEAR AN EAR. ....read more

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